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September 27, 2013:
Dr. Oz showed it on his TV show, so now everybody wants one. All the Hollywood stars are bragging about Vitamin Drips, and Rihanna is tweeting about them.


Hangover Cure:

Lots of local and mobile hydration stations have started, offering hangover cures and vitamin drips for $175 or more.

Is a vitamin drip infusion the fashionable new way to take your vitamins?

Popular among the well-to-do and cancer patients.

Vitamin DripWhen some of us hear "vitamin drip" we think back to how you used to get vitamins shaped like the Flintstone family, but now supplements have gone intravenous for the A-List. Celebrities are tweeting about the great IV vitamin infusions that they are getting and how they have more energy and less fatigue from vitamin use. Cindy Crawford, Madonna, and Simon Cowell have all been linked to drip-based vitamins, which are administered at up to $300 for a session, which is probably quite cheap for celebrities who make more than that in an hour. Infusions contain vitamins C, B, and Chromium and there are even special products like the "party girl drip" which are presumably for recovering from a long night out at the clubs consuming libations with less nutritional value. Supposedly, vitamin drips have 20 times the vitamins from eating balanced food or taking vitamin supplements, but naturally the people providing this information are the same people selling the product. Vitamin drips are not necessarily a new thing, since cancer patients and people with specific deficiencies have been getting them for quite some time as a way of preventing or counteracting chronic conditions. Holistic wellness centers have been offering vitamin drips for some time as well, and naturopathic doctors often have formulas for everything from energy to weight loss.

Much has been made of the 2013 news item that said multivitamins had no impact on health, but beneath the headline there are caveats about the fact that vitamins are not effective "in people who don't have a deficiency." This means that if you are missing critical nutrients, you still may benefit from these infusions. Also, most hangover cures and other energy formulations are designed to give you more of the vitamins that you might deplete through chemotherapy, your celebrity lifestyle, or exercise.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Of course, there are those that will argue that they are getting vitamin drips instead of injecting other substances into their bodies. If the needle broke off in your arm when you passed out, it is probably not a vitamin drip.