Vitamin Drips For Cancer


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June 4, 2012:
Celebrities use vitamin drips, but rarely have the true need that cancer patients do.


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Why do cancer patients get vitamin drip infusions?

Appetite, inability to consume food are factors.

The vitamin drip infusion for cancer patients may contain nutrients designed for patients who require supplementation due to chemotherapy, metabolism issues, and from radiation treatment which causes the body to deplete some nutrients in the healing process. These vitamin drips may also be useful for patients who are no longer able to consume food due to mouth, throat, stomach, or intestinal surgery. In these cases doctors and nutritionists may prescribe very specific supplements and nutrition in order to keep the patient healthy and feel more energetic in their fight against cancer. As with any other medical treatment, licensed physicians should be consulted to ensure that the infusion does not counteract any treatments or interact negatively with any other drugs or supplements being taken.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Vitamin drips should never be seen as an alternative to cancer treatment. Supplemental and naturopathic approaches to fighting cancer are not generally as effective as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, even though these approaches are a lot less desirable for the patient.