Vitamin Drip Infusions


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June 5, 2012:
All the famous kids are doing it, which means that every phony in Scottsdale should be doing IV drips any day now.


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What are the most popular vitamin drip infusions?

"Party Girl Drip" counteracts many nights of partying.

Vitamin drip infusions are all the rage in Hollywood, especially since Rihanna tweeted a picture of herself enjoying a supplemental dose of vitamins delivered straight into her veins. IV drips have already become newsworthy on the Hangover Bus in Las Vegas, but now they are coming into their own as a way of getting energy and nutrients without all the bother of eating fruits, vegetables, and proteins. A few years ago nobody would have predicted that the "in" place for celebrities would be a holistic clinic or naturopath's office, but today, getting b12 shots or bags of vitamins pushed through your arms is the way to ensure that you are a cool person and keep up with all night partying, long days in the studio, and tedious awards ceremonies where you collect glass and brass trophies presumably for doing the job you came to do in the first place. Vitamin drip infusions commonly contain vitamins and minerals in different combinations, and generally Vitamin B6 and B12 are prominent players since they aid in metabolism, nerve function, and generally healthy feelings. Many celebries and individuals also like to have Vitamin C in their infusions, but in reality, how much of the stuff do you really need, and does it do any good? Sure, if you are on a long sea voyage it keeps your teeth from falling out, but did you ever notice that the people who are always taking Vitamin C get just as sick (or sicker) than people who spend their days eating junk food? If you ever noticed this, and wondered why, it is because bacteria and viruses need vitamins too, so when you are taking extra supplements you are basically just feeding them. That being said, if you enjoy the placebo effect of IV vitamin infusions, go ahead and let someone poke your arm with a needle so you can hang around for an hour. People on dialysis also feel better after a session, but they probably don't look forward to it as much.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: As a general rule, no vitamin drip can bring you back when you die of an overdose, so plan your party so your naturopath or freelance cardiologist will get his infusions to you while you still have a pulse.